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At Kiambu Township Secondary School, we believe that our role as educators is to give our students a base in facing future challenges by being scientifically creative. We are a club that offers the students an opportunity to think scientifically and through innovation from the locally reliable materials come up with projects that are viable, after all, a secondary school is excellent preparation place for a future scientist and that is what we set out to achieve. By the time they leave us, our students will be confident young adults who are ready to face the future with poise and self-belief in the world of science and technology.

This club organizes science functions and allows students to pursue their scientific interests by offering a conducive environment, facilities and necessary support from the teachers. It organizes for the Science Congress and holds various science activities.

When there are no competitions, the students use their club time to work on the academics in their effort to improve performance in sciences and mathematics. It also organizes contests for all science subjects i.e. Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Mathematics.

Use of science and technology innovations in improving the key fields namely i.e. environment, education and economic development.

To be the leading club in the school in making students self reliant in the future.

In the year 2009, three projects represented the school in the science congress competition; two went to the district level and one to the provincial level. The school had the best Chemistry exhibit in the Kiambu East District.




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